Top 10 children’s TV programs in Spanish

Here is a list of my Top 10 children’s TV programs in Spanish.  Some are original productions and others with voice-overs. Either way many episodes can be found on You Tube and keep children entertained for hours. 

Pocoyo – simple cartoon with Pocoyo, Eli & Pato. (Joint production UK/Spain)pocoyo

Bo en acción – from the original Bo on the Go (voice over)

Salsa – Latin American puppet show.

Topa & Muni – lots of short clips with songs. (Disney Jr. Latin America)

Jake y las Piratas de Nunca Jamás – from the original Jake & The Pirates (voice over)

Plaza Sesamo – Latin American version of Sesame Street. (voice over)plaza sesamo

Scooby Doo – from the original Scooby Doo (voice over)

Patito Feo – childrens TV series aired in Argentina.

Las tres mellizas – cartoons with triplets as the protagonists (Spain)

Pequeños Gigantes– childrens talent show (Spain

While watching TV in a different language children are being exposed to a whole new world and lots of new vocabulary – they are indeed, unknowingly “learning” a new language.  With a little planning by us we can assist their learning by preparing activities related to the programs they have been watching. Eg. printing a colouring-in sheet of Pocoyo and saying the colours in Spanish!

Do you watch any of these programms with your child? Are there any that you watch that I haven’t included in my Top 10? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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