How to identify a Sustainable holiday

When you book your holiday do you expect the travel company to offer products that are sustainable? Is it hard for you to identify a “greener holiday”?  It is actually a lot easier than it seems…

The following is a list I have compiled of certification programmes from third-party organizations.  I have also included Websites that offer lists of hotels and travel operators with certification or a sustainable programme in place.

rain forest alliance

Rainforest Alliance – An international nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests.


The International Ecotourism Society – A list of Tour Operators that are trying to conduct themselves in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Sustainable Trip A list of hotels, tour operators & other tourism business in Latin America & the Caribbean that are verified by the Rainforest Alliance.

EarthCheck  – the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism.



Green Globe   – the global certification for sustainable tourism.


Green Tourism Business Scheme – Sustainable certification programme http:/

Green Hotels – Green Hotels Association brings together environmentally-friendly properties whose managers are eager to institute programs that save water, save energy and reduce solid waste—while saving money.




Five Leaf System – Website that lists sustainable accommodation from 109 countries around the world. The Five Leaf system is rated by guests.


I hope you found this post useful. Please feel free to leave any comment below and call back soon for more updates on sustainable travel.


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