How learning Spanish will change your life!

I was thinking about how I could help people get more out of their trip to South America?What could I offer them that had a minimal cost to them (and me) but improved the quality of their trip?

I did some research and found that only an astonishing 3% of Brits can communicate in the local language when in a Spanish-speaking country…that means 97% of people cannot make that all important connection with a local at their holiday destination (unless of course they speak English!).  That astounded me!

What is it that is keeping people from learning Spanish? Money, time? or is it simply that ther’s just nothing on offer?  I researched a little further and found that there was a gap in the market for affordable Spanish lessons in the Crewe & Nantwich area.

So, I prepared a Six-Week Mini Spanish Course that teaches basic holiday Spanish. I decided to prepare a FREE Taster Lesson and offer it to anyone that was interested. People can come along and see how much fun learning Spanish can be, and also – with lots of role play and student participation – how quickly they will be speaking Spanish.   You can read more about my own experiences learning to become fluent in Spanish here.

I have prepared this short video that explains what the benefits of learning Spanish with me are and how learning to speak Spanish will change your life.

I know, from my own experience, how valuable learning Spanish is. It is a real “game changer”, a way to understand on a deeper level a new and exciting culture!  It allows you to forge new relationships and friendships all over the World. Learning to speak Spanish – for someone that plans on taking a trip to South America or Spain – will dramatically improve the quality of their holiday and will convert an “ordinarily good” trip into the experience of a life-time!

MRI Scanner Appeal

I wanted to support a local charity and decided to join in the fundraising efforts for the MRI Scanner Appeal at Leighton Hospital.  I will be raising money by raffling off one place on the course each time it runs – all proceeds will go to this very worthwhile cause.

So, feeling quietly confident about the course content and my teaching abilities I just need to make sure I can fill the 20 places I have available.  I’ve started promoting on Facebook,, Twitter, sent press releases to the local press & got ad’s in the local What’s On Guides in the hope that the information of this course reaches the people that need it – ie. those travelling to a Spanish-speaking country some time this year.

Please feel free to leave any comments below!


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