Tango through Mendoza Wine Country
Tango through Mendoza Wine Country

“Pour yourself a generous glass of Argentina. Savour the cosmopolitan pop and fizzle of Buenos Aires. The hum of a city in a whirl of theatres, bars and fine restaurants. Breath deeply the latin passion of it´s people and thie flair for fashion and five-star velvet comforts.

Then hold this huge, exuberant country before you and marvel at it´s many landscapes. The rich and vigorous Pampas. The thundering tropical Iguazu Falls, green and verdant. Mendoza amidsta sun-scorched desert. The ice-tipped rim of the captivating Andes. Romantic Patagonia and the giant glaciers that lead you to the endo fo the World.

Finally taste it – the sweet and wholesome hospitality. The salty leather-skinned gaucho. The bitter romance of Tango that acts like a laudanum to doomed love. The famous red meat. Argentina is like the firey red wines it produces – vigorous, racy sensational!”


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